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Welcome!By Stevie on 02.20.2013
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Welcome to Straight Bullyism... It's a free, turn-based, character-building RPG! Start a new game now, or read some info first.

Release Aftermath, IdeaBy Stevie on 06.22.2012
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So, Straight Bullyism has been out for over 2 months now, and it's gotten over 300,000 hits and over 200 Facebook Likes (big thanks to anyone who shared SB). I have to thank Newgrounds for a lot of that because they had me on the front page for almost 2 weeks. Although the game didn't turn out the way I had hoped in a number of ways, I'm still very proud of it and working on it was a great learning experience. I'm glad to be finally done with it and able to move onto other things, although it's tough after working on it for so long for me to fully get it out of my head.


Although I've received several requests for me to continue SB, I definitely won't be. I almost lost my mind working on it for 3 years, and although the game did pretty well, it didn't do amazingly. If it did, then that would be the only reason I would consider continuing to work on it. Anyway, I did receive a really great idea for a direction that I could take SB in if I was to continue it. The idea sent to me was that on level 4, you switch from being the bully to now being a teacher, so instead of getting missions from other bullies in the washroom, you get missions from other teachers in the teachers lounge. You could have Strictness instead of Coolness, and a whole bunch of other changes would be made to make the game from a teacher's point of view instead of the bully's. I think this would be a great direction to take things in, so it's a shame I won't get to try it out.

You can follow along with my progress on all my future games and projects on my main developement blog/portfolio, Snubby Land. Have fun!

SB Fully Released, Wallpaper, BugBy Stevie on 04.11.2012
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Now that I've got all the loose ends wrapped up (such as finishing the info section, switching servers, and making a wallpaper), I've finally released SB all around the net. I'm really hoping it becomes popular, ideally so much so that the live hit counter on the preloader of the game is constantly going up. But if that isn't the case, I'll still be very satisfied having just finished and released the game after 3 long years of work. One thing you can do to really help me out is vote for it on Newgrounds.


AttachmentOne thing I should mention is that there's still a huge bug in level 1, which causes the game to freeze and forces the player to refresh the page. It's one of those really weird bugs that - no matter what I do - I can't get it to show up even after playing the game 100 times, but then all of a sudden it shows up 5 times in a row. I've spent countless hours working on this bug and it is just unfixable. I think it might have something to do with a factor outside of Flash (like someone going on with Windows), but that would be really weird. Either way, sorry to anyone whose game freezes. I'm really disappointed that this happens, but oh well... Hopefully it happens to less than 1% of players (which could still be thousands of people).

I finally got around to making a desktop wallpaper, so download it below and try it out (it also comes in 1920x1200)!

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